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Omni 6 ringing filters

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Subject: Omni 6 ringing filters
From: asearle@netusa.net (Art Searle)
Date: Sun, 07 Jul 1996 14:44:27 -0700
> Art,
> On my OMNI VI (about 10 months old) IF/AF Board, C25 is .01 bypass
> from the base of Q4 to ground.
> Is there a C25 bypass on the  collector of your Q4?
> Also, the mod re the pass band tuning, did TEN-TEC say what the
> purpose/result of soldering the resistors to the other side foil was?
> 73, jim

Hi Jim,

You have found a mistake that I made. I misread the schematic where 2
traces cross but no dot indicating a junction. However, I had first
pulled the IF/AF Board and traced the +reg from J44 and I found a .01
cap. I then look at the schematic to see if I could identify it and
I obviously goofed. Now this makes me wonder if I looked at the board
right. I'm too lazy to pull the board again, so if anyone out there
with a fairly new radio has reason to pull this board please let us
all know if the mystery .01 cap is really there. Thanks for the 

73,  Art

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