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Omni VI IMD modification questions.....

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Subject: Omni VI IMD modification questions.....
From: asearle@netusa.net (Art Searle)
Date: Sun, 07 Jul 1996 14:49:13 -0700
Del & Jan Seay wrote:
> Locate the PBF/Front End Board, and remove. (Bottom under the
> shield.) Identify R-14, a 470 ohm resistor immediately adjacent to
> connector 24. Remove and replace with a 220 ohm resistor.
> Now - with the board positioned to where the resistor you just
> changed is next to you, and with the connectors 18 and 17 to you
> left, look for another 470 ohm resistor directly to the left of
> connector 24. There will be three others between it and connector 24.
> Remove that resistor and replace with a jumper.

In the 9/95 edition of the Omni 6 manual R-14 is identified as 220 ohms.
Obviously the rest of the mode would not show in the schematic. I haven't
pulled the board to check this out. Next time I delve in, I will. In the
mean time has anyone else with a new radio checked?

73, de Art

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