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Power Supply Problems

To: <tentec@contesting.com>
Subject: Power Supply Problems
From: bc215@freenet.carleton.ca (Ric Guidone)
Date: Wed, 10 Jul 1996 09:09:36 -0400
I have a TenTec Omni VI with the matching Automatic Antenna Coupler and 961
Deluxe power supply.   The mod for the continous "on" for the crystal oven
has been done.
I came into the shack one morning to find the PS on but not working and with
the smell of burnt wires.  I opened it up to find what appeared to be oil
splashed all over the inside of the cabinet.   I also noticed that one of the
circuit board traces had been burned open.   I put it in it's box and sent it
off to the only Canadian TenTec dealer. 
When I got it back the receiver worked fine but I can only get a maximum of
50 watts out of the tranmitter before the PS shuts down.  
I adjusted the current limiting and the voltage with no change to the
output.   The tech advised that he repaired the circuit board and replaced 2
diodes.   He also said that he ran the PS on a 20A load for 20 minutes
before closing it up.   He then suggested I probably had a bad final on the
rig.  The rig still puts out full power with a different 20A PS connected.
Any ideas on possible causes/solutions would be appreciated.
Ric - VE3XL

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