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Omni VI vs Corsair II

To: <tentec@contesting.com>
Subject: Omni VI vs Corsair II
From: turner@safety.ics.uci.edu (Clark Savage Turner WA3JPG)
Date: Tue, 16 Jul 1996 13:38:29 -0700
> I have gone back and forth about the pros and cons of the OMNI VI and the
> CORSAIR II.  Does anyone have personal experience with both rigs?  I would

I have not owned both concurrently, but have owned the Corsair I,
Corsair II and now own the OMNI VI.  

1.  There is no real difference in the receiver strips of the Corsair I
and Corsair II, there are more features on the Corsair II, and it makes
it a nicer rig.

2.  I sold my Corsairs purely because I did not like the PTO's tendency
to drift a little.  It is only a little, but I like to sleep during a
round table net and wake up 2 hours later to find I am still right there.
The Corsairs needed touching up in that sense, probably 50 Hz in an hour
or two.  I understand that the Ten Tec PTO's can be fiddled with and
become more stable, I currently own an Argosy II that is amazingly 
stable.  Great receivers to the Corsairs.

3.  The OMNI VI is probably no better a receiver in most respects
than the Corsairs, but I love the memories, stability of the crystal
oven...., FM, bigger display, dual vfo's, etc., etc.

All good radios.  You won't go wrong with a Corsair, and the OMNI
is just great.


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