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Low output on 15 Meters!

To: <tentec@contesting.com>
Subject: Low output on 15 Meters!
From: reinc@IAEhv.nl (Rein Couperus)
Date: Wed, 17 Jul 1996 20:39:10 +0100
My OMNI VI suddenly refused to deliver more than 20W on ALL bands when
I was about 4 hrs into the IARU test. Above 20W the power amp started
behaving weird, and constantly tripped the power supply.. Had to work the
rest of the test with my old FT757 (...!)

I also noticed that I could NOT leave the aux antenna (an EWE for 80mtrs)
connected to the OMNI while the linear was on. It somehow acted funny on 
the ALC ??

Anyone had the same problem(s)?

-Rein PA0RCT

>I got my OMNI VI new in January and operated it in the CQ WW 160 CW
>contest with no problems.  It sat unused in my shack until I was getting
>ready for the IARU test (shows you how much operating I'm doing these
>days) and I tried it out on the other bands. All bands checked out fine
>except for 15 Meters, where I'm getting only about 20 watts out.  Has
>anyone ever seen anything like this?  I'll be calling TenTec on this (when
I think to do so during the
>day) but I wondered if anyone else here has heard of this problem.
>Hal Offutt K8HVT/1

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