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Omni V knobs

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Subject: Omni V knobs
From: ham@w3eax.umd.edu (Scott Rosenfeld NF3I)
Date: Wed, 24 Jul 1996 09:54:33 +1030
I consulted the factory on this when I got the radio a few years ago.  I 
was told, flat out, that there was no tension adjustment on the OMNI V, 
and that, yes indeed, the encoder was stiff.  

If there were changes made on some models, and they were 
backwards-compatible, I would be interested to know.

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On Wed, 24 Jul 1996, Vernon A. Hatley wrote:

> Stiff turning knobs on an Omni V?  Mine has one of the easiest spinning
> knobs I have felt on any rig.  Absolutely no effort is required to move it.
> Which sometimes is a problem if you bump the knob on accident.  But, I don't
> think there is any adjustment on the Omni V.  If it's stiff, I'd say
> something isn't "right" somewhere.]
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