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Ten Tec that won't work on SSB

To: <tentec@contesting.com>
Subject: Ten Tec that won't work on SSB
From: rohre@arlut.utexas.edu (rohre)
Date: 25 Jul 1996 13:35:39 -0500
Ha Jo and the group,
IF the rig was supposed as factory programmed to default to correct sideband
for each band and it does not now, how long since the back up battery if any
for the microcontoller was changed?

For simply not transmitting on SSB, if you are using PTT, could it be so
simple as a broken wire in the mike or its cable?  Try another mike, as this
happened to me recently.  (On a Ten Tec rig!)  (But not a Ten Tec mike).

Try VOX operation; now if it does not work, consider what in the transmit path
is there when you are not on CW, and of course you check all relays, audio
amplifiers, audio processors, etc. which exist outside the use of the CW mode.

Hope this helps,
Stuart K5KVH

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