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Subject: Keyers
From: vhatley@worldnet.att.net (Vernon A. Hatley)
Date: Sun, 1 Sep 1996 16:17:50 +0000
I just finished building a CMOS III keyer and absolutely LOVE it!  Before
building the CMOS III I had been using a MFJ 401C and was never happy with
the way it "felt".  I have tried several other keyers over the last year and
for myself, I like the CMOS III the best.  It has many, many features; you
can set it to emulate several different keyer brands on the market including
Curtis A mode, Accukeyer, etc.  And within those modes there are several
other settings for dot and dash memory.  If it sounds too complicated, its
not.  It has one knob on the front and six little push button switches on
the top that controls the messeges.  It doesn't even need an "off and on"
switch; the chip goes to sleep after so many seconds of inactivity.  If your
really get it messed up, no problem; just push a few of the buttons and it
will reset to factory default mode.  Default mode is fine for most day to
day CW; for me.  All in all a very full featured keyer that is both easy to
build and easy to operate.  Price $58 from Idiom Press.  I think many others
will agree. 
KK5RO (Extra)                   Vernon A. Hatley
QRP-L #325                      Shawnee, OK
Ten Tec Omni V                  OHR Explorer II 40m
Butternut Vertical                      Kent Paddles
CMOS III Keyer                  Speed-X Straight Key
99.5% CW

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