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Corsair II questions

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Subject: Corsair II questions
From: lkayser@rideau.net (Larry Kayser)
Date: Wed, 25 Sep 1996 23:04:23 -0400
>I have recently sold a Kenwood 930 with auto tune and am thinking of
>replacing it with ten-tec equipment..I have heard about the Corsair II 

Scott, if your a cw operator, and / or you refuse to read the yacomwood
manual to figure out all the buttons and junk you can see let alone all the
gorp you can not see, then buy the Corsair.  If that is not enough reason
then how about a service system that works and keeps their customers happy.
You can turn off the AVC, RF up, AF down, and audio filter that works and
does not ring.  Pass band tuning that works, and you have to set the CW
offset manually for CW.  

I was swling the other day, heard a friend who I had spoken to for a year or
so, I did not have to get the manual out to get the ssb going, but I did
have to go looking for the microphone.

It is not a synthesized vfo, it does not have the nasty harsh sound of the
other guys products either.

I am a CW guy as you might guess.  

PS the OMNI VI has a problem that is designed it, it does not work over 68
wpm on cw, the only guy I ever heard complain about it is w4bqf and there
are not many guys left that he talks with at that speed, but more are coming


va3lk / wa3zia

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