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Corsair II questions

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Subject: Corsair II questions
From: w5chh@juno.com (Brian Hunsaker)
Date: Thu, 26 Sep 1996 02:00:22 PST
On Wed, 25 Sep 1996 23:04:23 -0400 lkayser@rideau.net (Larry Kayser)
>>I have recently sold a Kenwood 930 with auto tune and am thinking of
>>replacing it with ten-tec equipment..I have heard about the Corsair 
>Scott, if your a cw operator, and / or you refuse to read the 
>manual to figure out all the buttons and junk you can see let alone 
>all the
>gorp you can not see, then buy the Corsair.  If that is not enough 
>then how about a service system that works and keeps their customers 
>You can turn off the AVC, RF up, AF down, and audio filter that works 
>does not ring.  Pass band tuning that works, and you have to set the 
>offset manually for CW.  
>I was swling the other day, heard a friend who I had spoken to for a 
>year or
>so, I did not have to get the manual out to get the ssb going, but I 
>have to go looking for the microphone.
>It is not a synthesized vfo, it does not have the nasty harsh sound of 
>other guys products either.
>I am a CW guy as you might guess.  
>PS the OMNI VI has a problem that is designed it, it does not work 
>over 68
>wpm on cw, the only guy I ever heard complain about it is w4bqf and 
>are not many guys left that he talks with at that speed, but more are 
>va3lk / wa3zia
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Amen and Amen to the Ten-Tec claims.. He is right. i am the proud owner
of an Omni VI, Hercules, Scout, and Auto Tuner. I'm not in the 68 wpm
class, but I hold my own at 20. I too love CW, and have a friend here
that is 85 years (young?) and still goes about 55 - 60 wpm.  God Bless
them. You won't be sorry buying a Ten-Tec anything, Scott.

73s Brian - W5CHH

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