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Amen!! Was: Corsair II questions

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Subject: Amen!! Was: Corsair II questions
From: buhyoff@vt.edu (Gregory J. Buhyoff)
Date: Thu, 26 Sep 1996 14:14:36 +0600
>Amen and Amen to the Ten-Tec claims..  God Bless
>them. You won't be sorry buying a Ten-Tec anything, Scott.
>73s Brian - W5CHH

I'll second those emotions !  I have sold everything except my OMNI VI,
Hercules II and Ten-Tec auto
antenna coupler.  I have tried all sorts of radios and after many years and
many radios, this equipment stands out way above the rest.  I work mainly CW
but I love it on SSB as well.  The service and support is first-rate.  I've
used the Corsair II and it has one of the finest receivers I have ever used.
Ten-Tec does not retire their older equipment from their support system.
They are a first class company, run by first-rate people who produce and
support great equipment.  You will not regret going with a Ten-Tec.  I could
go on, but I'm sure my drift is evident.

73, Greg KN4FR

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