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Thank you to the list

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Subject: Thank you to the list
From: cdorn@gpu.srv.ualberta.ca (Chris Dorn)
Date: Sun, 29 Sep 1996 12:42:01 -0600
  Posted a request asking for advice on various Ten Tec rigs from folks on
the list a couple of weeks ago. Response was excellent, and I really
appreciated all the comments. I came on to the list after missing out on a
trade for a Corsair II. Well as it turned out, that trade went through after
all, and I received the Corsair II with matching supply/speaker this week.
The rig is in pristine condition, and everything seems fine with the
exception of the tuning needing a very slight alignment. Receiver
performance on CW has been very impressive. I am sure that I will enjoy this
rig for quite some time.
   The radio came to me with the 1.8 filter, but without the CW filters. If
anyone has a model 285 500Hz filter that they want to part with, let me
know. Don't know if I would use the 250Hz much at this time, so I think I
will hold off on that one. Once again, I thank all that replied, and if you
have any operating tips, or advice on alignment for the Corsair II, please
drop me a line. Also, the folks at Ten Tec were very helpful, particularly
Scott, who spent the time to answer questions and give honest advice without
any pressure. 
Chris VE6RDC   

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