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Omni VI Transmit Problem

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Subject: Omni VI Transmit Problem
From: n4lq@iglou.com (Steve Ellington)
Date: Sat, 04 Jan 1997 04:13:11 -0500

I know the feeling. 

First I would check to see if any signal was being generated at all by
listening for it in another receiver. If you do hear yourself, you may
assume everything is ok in the carrier generation department and you
have either a lack of drive to the final or the final itself has

If you do hear a signal, I would check the final amp for VCC/12v. If
this isn't present, check your dc power board. I'm not sure if the
Omni-6 has a seperate fuse for the final or not. 

If you don't hear a signal then things get a bit more interesting. If
you  have a general coverage receiver handy, check for a keyed signal on
the tx audio/bfo board. Just use a piece of wire from the receiver and
lay it close to the tx/audio board. you should hear the signal at
9.0006mhz or so. BTW, this board is on the top/back left corner. It's
the one with the xtals and trimmers. 

Let's see what you find. Hope you have that extra receiver. It's one of
the best test insturments I know of! 73

Steve N4LQ

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