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Thank You Ten Tec

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Subject: Thank You Ten Tec
From: n4zwq@interpath.com (Jeff Madre)
Date: Tue, 07 Jan 1997 17:21:09 -0500
Reid W Simmons wrote:
>    Hmmm, has Ten Tec ever thought about maybe coming up with T-shirts, coffee
>    mugs, hats, and such for us fanatics to buy?  I'd be interested.

Hi Reid, TenTec does have caps.  You can find them in the T-kits
catalog.  Can't remember the price exactly, but it's somewhere around
$10.  I need to order another one since my current one lost the trim
cord in a fight with the washing machine.  I never run a 'test without
mine.  You can check mine out at 

BTW, the other hat in the photo is a Yaesu FT-CAP.

73, Jeff - N4ZWQ

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