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Rigs and such

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Subject: Rigs and such
From: vhatley@flash.net (Vernon A. Hatley)
Date: Wed, 8 Jan 1997 10:30:31 +0000
        I have owned two Ten Tecs, an Century 21 and an Omni 5.  Both were 
outstanding rigs.  I don't think Ten Tec has ever produced a really 
bad rig; some are better than others, but all much better than those 
from across the ocean.  But I do have one question I'd like answered. 
 Of all the fine rigs Ten Tec has built over the years, the Corsair 
II seems to be one most praised, even more highly (at least the 
people I have talked to) than the current Omni VI.  My question is 
this Ten Tec; since the Corsair II seems to be in such demand on the 
used market, and since it has such a outstanding reputation; why not 
bring it back into production?  You won't have any design cost; the 
demand seems to be there, and many of us newer HAM who weren't around 
when the Corsair II came out could have the chance to buy a new radio 
legend.  Just a thought for what it's worth.
Vernon A. Hatley
Shawnee, OK

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