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Yet another Ten Tec Argonaut Story...

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Subject: Yet another Ten Tec Argonaut Story...
From: wb2vuo@juno.com (William K Hibbert)
Date: Sat, 18 Jan 1997 23:31:37 PST
Here in the Depths of the Great Bergen (NY) Swamp, the VHF propagation is
iffy at best, but the HF bands SHINE!!!

Lou Kline, KA2DQA lives about another 1 1/2 miles into the Swamp, and we
both used to be on the NYPON, a traffic net on 3913 KHz.  Lou is
visually impaired, and I built his antler, a fan dipole/inverted-vee for
80 & 40 meters, and have a copy of the same antler up here at the house. 
Not real barn-burners for anlters...

We have both checked into the net at the same time, and, for awhile were
both running Argonaut 509's.  You can almost see the look of disbelief
on the face of the NCS when, not only do we hear more of the Net than
he/she does, but more of the net members hear us at 5 watts (PEP) than
hear the NCS at 100+ watts (PEP)...

QRP is great, but a good location is a real plus.  The only disadvantages
to living in the Swamp aer the mosquitos and the left-over cabbages that
weren't harvested, and are rotting in the fields in the Spring...

72/73, Keith, WB2VUO, QRP-L #582, scQRP 40, Tech Specialist (ARRL/WNY), 
ARRL Life Member, VP/BARK, Beacon Chaircritter, Rochester VHF Group
Trustee, KB2YTW/B 10 Mtr QRPp Beacon (250 mW @ 28.2870 MHz)
"In the Depths of the Great Bergen (NY) Swamp...FN13ac"
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