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Omni 6 question/problem

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Subject: Omni 6 question/problem
From: scottburkhardt@attw.com (scottb)
Date: Fri, 24 Jan 1997 01:46:39 -0800
Aurthur, I zero beat my Omni on WWV this way. Select LSB
Using the wide 2.4 kHz filter, I defeat the AGC then I tune the PBT 
fully CCW. This way I get a nice beat note on WWVs carrier @ 10 Mhz.
As you tune through their signal you will hear the "rumble" on either
side of zero beat.  Right now my radio is about 100 Hz off and it 
isn't rock stable over time.  I tried to keep it perfect, but the
temp in my basement shack isn't that stable.  I'm used to very 
expensive test equipment at work and I have to get used to the fact
that this is ham gear, not laboratory test equipment !
I've done lots of work on my OMNI and wouldn't trade it for anything !!
The best technical description of the systems in the OMNI 6 
(better than manual for extreme tecnical) is in the ARRL Handbook
chapter 17 199? ??  This helped me figure out all of the freq offsets
that you refer to.   
Scott  W0KU   ex ND0V

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