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"Ron Lee" AGC Mods for "AGC POPS" ?

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Subject: "Ron Lee" AGC Mods for "AGC POPS" ?
From: aa4nu@ix.netcom.com (Billy W. Cox)
Date: Wed, 29 Jan 1997 16:16:10 -0800
Hi !

Been watching the thread on the audio based AGC as used in some of
the TT equipment. When I had an Omni C, that "pop" was really about
the only dislike I had on the rig ... it was a simple solid rig ...

I had at that time (long since gone) some information on a 3rd call area
fellow named "Ron Lee" (?) who offered a 'mod' to solve the "popping"

Never did follow up ... may have been a cure, or may have been the
olde snake oil in a bottle ... But it might be something to track
down and consider *IF* is was effective ...

Well there's my 2 cents for the day ... Have a FB week on the bands !

73 Billy AA4NU

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