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Who desires QRP kit for 2m - survey

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Subject: Who desires QRP kit for 2m - survey
From: nu6u-1@w6trw.ampr.org (nu6u-1@w6trw.ampr.org)
Date: Thu, 30 Jan 97 08:21:15 PST
Hi Paul,

I run a Ten Tec Argonaut II; which is a great rig for qrp transverter work. 
Unfortunantly, Ten Tec didn't get this rig staighte
raightened out until it was to late :-)

I have been able to work as 12/13 lots of times at QRP power levels, but I 
suppose some of the other birds in higher orbits wou
ld be hard to work at 5 watts, or
less. By the way, I only run un ( or close to unity 
gain ) antennas, 
however I don't hold to the view of it ain't QRP if you run a gain antenna, but
to each his own....

72's max.

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