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TT Memory Keyer Kit!

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Subject: TT Memory Keyer Kit!
From: DUANEC@prodigy.net (Duane Calvin)
Date: Thu, 30 Jan 1997 18:38:49 -0600
To this request and the one requesting a kit for the Super CMOS keyer, 
good news!  It's already available!  Purchased complete, it's called the 
Logikey K-1 and is superbly designed and built.  You can also purchase 
it as a kit from Idiom Press (who also sells the K-1).  
        Logikey Division
        Idiom Press
        PO Box 1025
        Geyserville, CA  95441
I think they are still running ads in QST. This keyer is one of the 
sweetest you'll find.  Very "forgiving" timing, unlike the MFJ models 
I've owned and used.  Very programmable, etc., etc.  Mine goes for about 
18 months on a 9V alkaline battery.  So, check out this option!  You'll 
like it.

        73,  Duane
Duane Calvin, AC5AA
email:  ac5aa@juno.com  -or-  duanec@prodigy.net
packet: ac5aa@w5syt.#aus.tx.noam

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