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OMNI V Rig Control

To: <tentec@contesting.com>
Subject: OMNI V Rig Control
From: whitener@HiWAAY.net (Don Whitener)
Date: Sun, 2 Feb 1997 11:05:52 -0600
At the request of several people, I am posting a summary of positive
responses to my original message below.  All programs mentioned have
a WWW page and have a demo version available.  I have not personally
evaluated or compared and do not personally endorse any of the
software.  The following comments were provided by other readers of
this reflector:

1.  DxBase, as the name implies, is oriented towards the DXer. It
fully supports the Omni V in sending to and receiving information
the V.


2.  Log-Eqf is more of a general logging program with the ability to
DXCC and handle contests. Log-EQF will retrieve frequency and mode
from the Omni V. It will also change bands.


3  DX4WIN is a full featured logging program and will allow the user
configure his own radio driver.  

The OMNI V protocols can be obtained from Ten-Tec or several readers
of this reflector. 

Don Whitener, K4BWU

> From: Don Whitener <whitener@hiwaay.net>
> To: TenTec Reflector <tentec@akorn.net>
> Subject: OMNI V Rig Control
To: <tentec@contesting.com>
> Date: Tuesday, January 28, 1997 4:17 PM
> The OMNI V has a degree of rig control possible via the rear panel
> RS-232 connector, but it would seem that none of the popular
> programs support the OMNI V.  I would seem to me that it would be
> possible to write a translator program, perhaps operating as a TSR,
> convert commands and status from one of the standard rig sets to
> OMNI V set.  Does anyone know if such a translator has ever been
> written?
> For that matter, does anyone know of any available software for
> controlling the OMNI V?
> 73...
> Don Whitener, K4BWU
> whitener@hiwaay.net

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