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Audio Hum

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Subject: Audio Hum
From: FSWF37A@prodigy.com ( JAMES T BRANNIGAN)
Date: Sun, 2 Feb 1997 11:42:17, -0500
For some time the locals have noticed a hum on my OMNI VI audio. I 
thought it was a ground loop from the computer, TNC, SSTV, 
connections. Lately it seems to be getting worse and in the past few 
days I notice a hum in the speaker on receive (audio gain turned 

I disconnected all external wires from the radio and hooked a scope 
up to the RF output.
There is 60 cycle hum present in USB and LSB but not in any other 
mode. So the power supply is ruled out.

Any ideas? loose ground, bypass?
I would like to fix it here rather than send it back. The CW DX 
contest is in two weeks!

73, Jim WB2TPS

Tnx for the remote tuning parts. I mounted it a mini box and it works 
very well. (it did not cause the hum problem)

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