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Omni V

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Subject: Omni V
From: edn4pk@voyageronline.net (Ed Dout)
Date: Sun, 02 Feb 1997 15:30:57 -0800
Can anyone tell me why a 100k resistor would be piggy-backed across
R47 a 6.8k
in the ALC circuit ?? Is this part of the QRP mod ??? This is just tack
across the 6.8k which is soldered on the board. If so can you fill me in
on the 
details ??
    FYI if you use headphones and are bothered as I was with the
ear-splitting AF,
try this trick passed on to me by Jim W4TGT. From the Argosy and C21
book, install
the folowing in the circuit. 15 ohm in series, shunted by a 3.3 ohm.
Works just fb
here. I put mine in the shell of the 1/4" fone jack. 
    Another piece of info, this one courtesy of KB4J. If you work a lot
of cw and
are looking for the "ideal" headphones, go to your local Office Depot
and get a set
of dictation headphones. Very few lows with more on the high side, and
since they were
designed for voice and not music they work just great. They are a little
on the 
expensive side, but what the hey...its just a hobby...hihi
                          73....Ed N4PK

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