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For Sale or Trade: PM3A and 210 Pwr Supply

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Subject: For Sale or Trade: PM3A and 210 Pwr Supply
From: amarriot@direct.ca (Albert Daniel Marriott)
Date: Mon, 03 Feb 1997 14:41:02 -0800
I have for sale or trade the following TenTec CW transceiver:
Model PM3A with Model 210 1 amp power supply. 
40 and 20 mtrs CW with break-in relay; 2 watts o/p
Photocopy type manual, actually about 7 pages stapled together.

 The PM3A is in good condition with the exception of the top panel, previous
owner drilled many holes to put in speaker (never did) then cover it with
grey speaker grill aluminum.  It doesn't look too awful, but it is not
perfect, nor orininal condition!!  The front panel and knobs are all good.
I do not know what the dial mechanism ought to look like however, the dial
is simply a single stiff wire attached to the dial cord. Works and looks ok.
I think it is original, but not sure.  The rig works great.  I  have had
several qsos on 40 mtrs, but not used it other than receive on 20 mtrs.

I would sell the PM3A and 210 together for $90.00(US). This breaks down to
about $70 for the radio and $20 for the power supply - considering the
condition of the radio, it seems fair.  The buyer pays for shipping. OR, I
will trade the same for an earlier OHR Explorer I for 40 mtrs.

If interested please email to me, thanks.


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