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Corsair II questions

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Subject: Corsair II questions
From: cbrudtk@uswest.com (Chuck Brudtkuhl)
Date: 7 Feb 1997 14:30:41 -0600
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Re the memory keying.  I went to Radio Shack and picked up a small plastic
chassis abt 1Hx2Wx3L.  In the top of this I mounted two small pushbutton
switches.  The Black one is the PROGRAM and the Red one is the PLAY.  Works
like a champ!  This is connected to the rig with just a small cable. It just
sits wherever convenient on the desk top. 

The components in the box are per the manual...don't remember but it seems as
though a non-polorized electrolytic and a resistor.  And the box works well. 
I did notice, if I recall from playing, that the speed at which you program
will affect the total number of characters which you can store by a relatively
small amount.  I think the book claims 40 character memory but not sure.

Re the sidetone sans tx... you know, seems like I did find a way (to check the
recorded msg), but I don't recall at the moment what it was!

73 de Chuck

To: <tentec@contesting.com>
Date: 02/07/97 01:25 PM
To: Chuck Brudtkuhl
From: Dan Presley
I just got a very nice Corsair II, and love it! I do have some questions
I'll toss out here.
Is there a way to generate a sidetone without transmitting (aside from
turning down the drive control).
What have people done for memory keying in terms of practical schemes;i.e.
enclosures or arrangements for the necessary components?

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