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Icom 751A & Ten Tec Hercules 444

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Subject: Icom 751A & Ten Tec Hercules 444
From: WO4J@worldnet.att.net (Michael Ryan)
Date: Sun, 09 Feb 1997 04:21:02 +0000
I am trying to use my IC-751A and Hercules 444  but they do not seem to
get along together.After doing what the manual says for both Icom
and Ten Tec doesn't work.After correct hookups and running 35 watts of 
drive, Hercules amp trips out and status light over drive comes on.
Does this with 10 watts also.SSB,VOX and CW mode.This is how I have 
it connected.
          (1) outside antenna to amp marked antenna.
          (2) amp marked transciver to 751A output.
          (3) ten tec relay line to icom relay 
                 this should be the T/R line
          (4) alc to alc   (5) then grounded
this is all it list for operation.Any ideas would sure help.

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