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Audio filter for Argosy II

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Subject: Audio filter for Argosy II
From: n4Lq@iglou.com (Steve Ellington)
Date: Tue, 11 Feb 1997 17:28:00 -0800
j.w. thornton wrote:
> Hey Guys:  I have a buddy that just purchased an Argosy II without an audio
> filter.  Anybody have a spare #224 filter for sale, or info where one may
> be obtained.  Not available from Ten Tec.  Thanks
> --

This would be very hard to find since most filters would be already
installed in a TT rig. Here's what I did with my Triton 4. At most
hamfest you can find any number of cheap audio filters for sale. Since
dsp came out, they are plentiful. Look for the little MFJ or most any
small homebrew filter. Remove the insides, junk the switches and jump
wire them for your favorite af frequency and install it inside the rig.
There's plenty of room. Inside those TT rigs, you will find an empty
nest with shielded cables for audio in/out. Just wire the board to those
points and get your power from the same connector. When you flip the
switch to the cw filter position, the filter will be automatically
inserted in series with the af amp. 


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