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Subject: No subject
From: carlg@rosevax.rosemount.com (Carl Gansen)
Date: Wed, 12 Feb 1997 19:06:57 -0600
I have been considering a Corsair II or Omni V or Omni VI as
possible upgrades to my TS-520 after 20+ yrs.  None of these
TenTec models last long when offered on the used market. I 
consider that to be quite an endorsement.  

I am not trying to stir up a religious debate, but I am looking 
for honest, rational discussion of the following question. If I 
were to decide to purchase a NEW radio in the $2400 range, why 
would I choose an Omni VI over the new Icom 756?  On a features/$$$ 
basis the Icom seems to offer more (automatic antenna tuner, 
6 meters, IF DSP...).  

Carl Gansen WB0CFF

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