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re my Ten-Tec "paragon 585"

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Subject: re my Ten-Tec "paragon 585"
From: promedia@itnet.com.pl (Promedia sp. z o.o. (Ltd.))
Date: Fri, 14 Feb 1997 15:14:13 +-100
Dear Scott,

What I am sure abt is that something wrong happened, alas, I cannot find it 
true what you suggest.
What I think, the problem is that you have never tried neither my fax number 
nor e-mail address. 
The world changed a lot recently, Scott. We are much closer to you than you 
could ever expect.
As well as, I am somewhat disappointed at your attitude, maybe because
I am a bit lost. I could afford a rig once and had the "paragon" chosen. The 
What I did not certainly expected was an ice cold shower attached to the 
package as an extra.

The moment I turned the factory new rig on I had the control board gone. Of 
course, you
mailed me another as a replacement, but I had to cover the transport expenses.
Later on, I had the PA transistors gone - I have sent you the board, covered the
expenses as usual, but the PA never recovered its ability to deliver the power 
specified in your manual. Fact is, I found out that paragon had never delivered 
flat 100W output
power. It simply could not with ALC levels set by factory.

Later on, I went further, ordering RS232 Interface board. Since I could not 
make it work,
I asked you if it was compatible with anything. You were kind enough to answer
that it was not. Next ca. 70$ went down the drain...

In the meantime, I had to re-solder all the joints in the synthesiser boards as
it started modulating low signals with the bigger ones while receiving.
As to the present problem of losing the control over the rig totally,
I took out the control board, dear Scott, and
had to re-solder the joints again. Can you believe, that some of them
were totally corroded?
Perhaps not.

Now, what you do is just laugh right into my face telling stories about some 
Anybody who ever touched the rig would know, the backup batterry is optional in 
so how could you know if I had ever installed such?

Do not tell me, please, I am emotional. 
It's obvious and true, of course.  Take my shoes on and we'll discuss it 
The human behaviour.

Hopefully, you understand my point.


fax: 011 48 69 317742

try them - they respond anytime you touch them...
Simple & Easy

Od:  Ten-Tec Inc.[SMTP:sales@tentec.com]
Wys3any:  6 lutego 1997 10:19
Do:  cq-contest@tgv.com
Temat:  Hello...?

It was written:
>Hi Guys,
>Does anyone know anything abt "technical reflector" existence?
>I've got some big problems with my Ten-Tec Paragon 585,
>while the Company seems to be a bit reluctant to help.
>Since, it seems it is something born with the idea of paragon's
>construction, other users of the gear must have eventually
>faced the problem as well, I am sure.
>Good, if we could discuss it...

"The Company" has tried repeatedly to contact you, Alec, by e-mail.
Your incoming mail is bouncing back to us.

I have also tried to contact you multiple times by fax and your fax
machine does not answer the telephone!  This is not the place for 
this discussion regardless.  You can seek help from us directly, or
try the Ten-Tec Internet reflector at <tentec@contesting.com>.

Regarding your Paragon:  The memory backup battery is dead.  Replace
with a NiCd cell and all shall be well.

Apologies for the wasted space.

Scott Robbins, W4PA
Ten-Tec, Inc. 

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