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re my Ten-Tec "paragon 585"

To: <tentec@contesting.com>
Subject: re my Ten-Tec "paragon 585"
From: sales@tentec.com (Ten-Tec Inc.)
Date: Fri, 14 Feb 1997 15:32:17 Eastern Standard Time
Dear Alec:

(With apologies to all who have to read this, yet again):

I have bounced email messages sent to you on Feb. 7, Feb. 10, and Feb. 12.
As I have repeatedly stated, both to you publicly and privately, we are 
willing to help you solve any problem you are encountering.  We have been 
unable to contact you.  You have not given us any accurate description of 
the trouble you are encountering.  It appears from your public message that
you have not even attempted the repair we have suggested.  

On top of that, Ten-Tec DOES NOT as a matter of policy handle service 
requests by electronic mail.  If you were ham in the United States, any
request would be met with a polite refusal and a request that you call or
fax us.  Because of the cost and distance involved we were more than 
willing to assist you by electronic mail to Europe.     

As stated before, the cq-contest reflector is not the forum for this 
discussion and you're doing nothing more than make yourself look foolish.  
As with every owner of a Ten-Tec transceiver, we will do whatever necessary
to help you solve your problem.  My recommendation is that you contact us
by TELEPHONE and we will assist you.  We also can provide you with contacts
for technical assistance in Europe as well. 

Sincerely (still, but thinner), 
Scott Robbins, W4PA

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