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Corsair value

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Subject: Corsair value
From: kc5gxl@pnx.com (Dan Harriman)
Date: Sun, 16 Feb 1997 16:39:02 -0800
Hello fellow listers;
   I am president of the local radio club here in Orange, Tx. We were
willed a complete shack by a member who became a SK. One of the items
that we aquired was a Corsair model 560 with power supply. The person
who donates our meeting place has expressed an interest in the rig. My
question is 'how much is this radio worth'? It seems to work ok and it
looks about average (given the age of the radio.) Any help on this would
be appreciated as we don't want to rip the guy off, but we also don't
want to get ripped.
TIA and 73's
Dan aka kc5gxl
   PS. You may reply either via list or in private.   kc5gxl@pnx.com

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