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Subject: Microphones
From: ronniehp@ecsu.campus.mci.net (Ronnie Pippen)
Date: Sun, 16 Feb 1997 18:04:22 -0500
I recently purchased a TENTEC rig, Omin-D model 546.  It did not include a 
microphone.  I had a D-104 amplified mic available so I wired it up.  I 
have had good and bad reports on the audio quality, mostly good.  I need 
suggestions, to continue using this mic, modification for it, or other 
mikes that work well with this rig, for rag-chew and DX.  Maybe this one is 
find just depends who is listening. I would appreciate any suggestions.

        73 de Ronnie   KD4VRI

        email address= ronniehp@ecsu.campus.mci.net

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