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The New Omni-VI Plus

To: <tentec@contesting.com>
Subject: The New Omni-VI Plus
From: sales@tentec.com (Ten-Tec Inc.)
Date: Tue, 18 Feb 1997 10:02:41 Eastern Standard Time
February 18, 1997

As many of you have heard rumored on the Internet, and some have seen
in the advertisements appearing in the March issues of QST and CQ, Ten-Tec
will be offering a new, enhanced version of the Omni-VI transceiver:
The 564 Omni-VI Plus.  

We will have a new product release sheet that we will be mailing to all
owners of Omni-VI transceivers that we have in our database.  If you own 
an Omni-VI but did not purchase it from Ten-Tec, please call or e-mail us
with your address and we will make sure you get a copy.  Please read this
entire message as well.

Here's what is new for the Omni-VI Plus: 

1) We have added a DSP NOISE REDUCTION feature controlled by a single button
on the front panel.  Push the button, and the quietest receiver in ham
radio is now even quieter.  

2) We have added an additional 9 MHz NARROW filter position, enabling you to
have two optional filters for this IF in place.   Specifically requested
by serious CW ops who wanted 250 and 500 HZ in place.  Of course, you could
also use one SSB and one CW.  Fully loaded with optional and standard 
filtering, the Omni-VI Plus has provision for a total of 7 crystal filters.

3) The DSP LOW PASS filtering in the menu system has been moved out to the
front panel.  Previously useful only in CW, it now can be tailored separately
for SSB and CW use, and the values stored separately.  The DSP LOW PASS is
independent of the DSP NOISE REDUCTION and can be used in conjunction with it.
4) You may now select a favorite tuning speed for main tuning and RIT for
each mode.  Separate values can be stored for SSB and CW.

5) A revised menu system dividing the one long menu into three shorter menus
for easier access.

The 564 Omni-VI Plus will retail for $2585.00, and will be available 
approximately three weeks from now.  We do not have printed information to
mail out yet but it will be available shortly.  Please also watch our web
page for changes. 


The good news is:  You can upgrade your Omni-VI to an Omni-VI Plus.  We will
be offering three upgrade packages, dependent on whether you want to add
just DSP, or the whole full package.  We will be sending out a letter to
all Omni-VI owners in the near future to describe what these options entail.
DO NOT SEND YOUR TRANSCEIVER IN NOW.  We are expecting to have the DSP chips
ready next month, and full-blown upgrades will most likely start in April,
by appointment only.  We will be doing the upgrades for a limited time only,
probably about six months' time, after which the upgrade to a VI-Plus will
no longer be available.  Please do not e-mail or telephone asking for
specifics at this time.  Leave us your name and address and we'll get a 
copy of the upgrade info letter to you. 

Please feel free to pass this message along to any relevant Internet sites.


Scott Robbins, W4PA
and all the enthusiastic hams at Ten-Tec 

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