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[TenTec] Re: [ct-user] CT & OMNI VI

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Subject: [TenTec] Re: [ct-user] CT & OMNI VI
From: FSWF37A@prodigy.com ( JAMES T BRANNIGAN)
Date: Wed, 19 Feb 1997 19:45:52, -0500
Thanks a million for the advice.....
Setting the baud rate to 1200 fixed everything....
It will also work at 2400 baud, at 4800 baud it starts to get flaky 
and forget it at 9600, where I had been trying to use it.
The baud rate limitation must be within CT, I use Logic4 with the 
OMNI at 9600 baud as well as my packet TNC.
I didn't think to try the lower rate with CT. 

Sorry I can't help you with NA, I've never used it. There was a 
fellow on the TEN-TEC reflector who said that he was using NA with 
his OMNI VI. Perhaps he will see this post and reply to you.

73, Jim

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