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[TenTec] tentec vs FT/IC/TS - thanks

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Subject: [TenTec] tentec vs FT/IC/TS - thanks
From: carlg@rosevax.rosemount.com (Carl Gansen)
Date: Mon, 24 Feb 1997 17:27:03 -0600
Thanks to all that took the time to reply to my question 
regarding the reasons to purchase the Omni 6 vs the latest 
FT/IC/TS transceivers being offered.  I had 23 responses 
the first day with some  running as much as 3 pages!  All 
but a couple chose to reply via direct e-mail.

I must admit, I felt that I knew the answer before asking 
the question but wanted some last minute reassurance before 
placing the order.  The Omni 6 might be worth every penny, 
but it is a lot of pennies, so I cared to move cautiously.

Those that related direct side by side comparison experiences
were of immense value to me.  I got performance comparisons,
feature/value comparisons and factory service comparisons.  
Substance vs emotion, I like that.

KB0MV had me as a guest in his shack and gave me the guided 
tour and then kindly let me try out his Omni 6.  

One of the best laid out discussions came from Scott Robbins
of Ten Tec sales.  That was quite reassuring. :-)   I 
appreciated his help and placed my order with him.

The funniest comment was the analogy that the IC-756 is like
an average guy in a pretty dress.

I received the Omni 6 last Friday and am truly enjoying it.

(comments and replies via reflector please)
Thanks & 73
Carl Gansen WB0CFF

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