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Subject: [TenTec] Omni VI owners
From: milewski@OREGON.UOREGON.EDU (Steve Milewski)
Date: Wed, 26 Feb 1997 05:39:43 -0800
At 06:59 AM 2/26/97 -0500, you wrote:

>>I hear rumor from Eu friends that Europeans dont buy the Omni VI because it
>>cant handle strong signals.
>>Hud K5ZG (KT7G)
>        I bought Ten-Tec gear Because I lived close to some powerful
>contesting stations(K3TUP,K3LR just for starters), and I can't for the life
>of me know what your talking about, I got rid of a Kenwood and a Yeasu that
>I owned just for the very reason you are describing. 
>73, Chris KB3A

Most times I am amazed at the Omni VI's ability to filter out all the
unwanted trash off to the sides. I'm using the recommended filter set-up
(2.4, 1.8 SSB filters and the .50 and .25 CW filters with the 500 hz narrow

The only area where I've noticed the Omni seems to fall short is on 40
meters. 40 seems to have a number of stations that have extremely bad key
clicks. My Omni has been very susceptible to some of these stations and
there have been instances where I will hear stations as far away as 20 - 25
khz up/down the band (not a mistake-that's khz not hz).

These are not local stations either. My QTH is Marcola, OR (in the rural
area outside Eugene) and the QTHs of the stations I'm talking about have
been in California, Montana and a few other Western States.

But this is in the extreme minority. 

Steve / AA7FL

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