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[TenTec] Omni VI owners

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Subject: [TenTec] Omni VI owners
From: dwright@microagesf.com (Dave Wright)
Date: Wed, 26 Feb 1997 08:01:47 -0800

I am more than just happy with my Omni-VI's receiver performance, I'm
plain overjoyed!  I happen to live less than 1 mile from a 50kw AM
Broadcast station with the lobe pointed right at me.  I have numerous
IC/FT/TS rigs that were flat bombed by the front end overload.  The Omni
barely notices it.  

I do see some minor overload problems on 160 at the bottom of the band
(of course), however using the filters pretty much eliminate that. The
intermod upgrade did help.  On the other bands I barely notice this
station unless I'm on the vertical ant (a yagi is normally used), then
it occasionally effects harmonic related portions of 40/20 slightly in a
very narrow (1-2khz) part of the band.  

This allows me to concentrate on contesting.  Last year's ARRL DX, I
placed 1st in section, 3rd place No. America (10mtr CW) with the Omni
using low power.  The other two stations in North America were using
amps & high power.  How's that for performance?  More than good enough
for me....and this doesn't even mention their legendary service &

73 Dave KB6JOX

>From:  Wayne Hudson[SMTP:k5zg@alpha.wcoil.com]
>Sent:  Tuesday, February 25, 1997 6:56 PM
>To:    tentec@contesting.com
>Subject:       [TenTec] Omni VI owners
>I am quite interested in an Omni VI. Have a TS870 that is terrible on CW on
>160-40 with DSP filter leakage and all sorts of gobbledegook in the
>background even with the AIP (which is turning off the preamp) and 18dB of
>attenuation in.
>I hear rumor from Eu friends that Europeans dont buy the Omni VI because it
>cant handle strong signals. Any contesting types out there that would
>comment on the ability of the rig to do well in a high rf environment and
>not roll over and die??  Western Ohio is a great place for RF burns out of
>Ill, Ind. Mi, and Oh.
>tnx for any info.
>Hud K5ZG (KT7G)
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