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[TenTec] Omni 6 vs FT/TS/IC Summary

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Subject: [TenTec] Omni 6 vs FT/TS/IC Summary
From: carlg@rosevax.rosemount.com (Carl Gansen)
Date: Wed, 26 Feb 1997 18:24:45 -0600
A couple weeks ago I posted a question asking for
comparisons between Ten Tec Omni 6 and other high end
tranceivers such as Icom's new 756.  I got a *flood* of

I received several requests to either relay the replies
or summarize them.  I had printed out the most useful
and put them to a folder and had already sent the 
electronic form to "bit heaven", so I will (try to) briefly
summarize the info that I retained. I had multiples
of some themes, so I tried to combine them and still
do justice to the contributers efforts.

Please keep in mind that these opinions and cases were offered
with no way to easily verify accuracy of contributor's
perception.  YOU must decide which is true and has
value to you.

Also, since most chose to direct e-mail their replies over
posting to the reflector, I assume (and honor) an
apparent desire to maintain anonymity (flame avoidance??).

Performance Comments:
QSK performance "falls apart" on IC/FT/TS above 30 WPM, not so 
on Ten Tec

Smooth, quiet QSK as opposed to noisy, chirpy, popping....on other
non TenTec

FT1000D vs Omni 6....Omni 6 better on CW...likes sub-receiver
on FT1000D though (several comments like this...Omni "7" feature
Have an FT1000D and Omni 6...Omni better for CW and by the way, the
Omni 6 for is sale...(not the best Omni 6 testimonial ever uttered
but, he announced it was gone the next day or so...I have noticed 
used TTs move quickly...good sign in my eyes.)

Icom does not specify their important specs like dynamic range 
or noise floor on the new 756.  Hmmmm...Why?

Omni 5 vs Icom 751 for casual operator probably not a big
issue either way.  Demanding operators may desire more....

Omni 6 does not have the "rolling and swooshing" sound that 
the IF-DSP boxes do.

Money spent on performance vs glitz...Note plain shipping boxes
and lo-hype (not on the expensive outer/inner cover of magazines)
advertising....Factory direct vs. "middle man".

TT Un-cluttered display and front panel...easy to operate with
big hands or in a hurry during competition.

Crowded panels on FT/TS/IC and small buttons cause inadvertant
mode/performance changes.....

Defaults to a convenient usable condition.  TS-870 & FT1000MP
difficult to start up with confidence until much time spent
getting familiar....

Superb crystal filters at a fraction of the price of the
FT/IC/TS filters. (My experience through shopping and
using verify this one!)

Sales & Service Comments:
5 day turn-around on a repair vs 3-5 month horror story on Icom
(no details given)

Parts available for TT rigs no longer in production.  Try 
finding parts on a TS/IC/FT no longer in production...

Standard parts where ever possible...TT does not bastardize parts or push
components beyond manufacturers specs like FT/TS/IC guys do(???)

Accurate schematics and notes in TT operators manual. Compare to others
if you can read theirs without a magnifying glass.

Modular construction with enough room to easily service

Service over the phone...boards sent thru mail

Opening case does not void warranty.

Parts from Ten Tec cheaper than Digi-Key, Mouser...without
$25 minimum purchase barrier

Friendly, knowledgable people staffing the phones at
Ten-Tec (I have experienced this for myself)

Crystal filters same for Paragon(I & II), Omni(5 & 6), and Corsair(1 & 2).
Try finding a new filter for your older TS/FT/IC....(I verified
this while contemplating the used equipment market) 

30 day money-back guarantee from TT. Nobody else seems to have this
confidence in their own product or level of concern for their customers.

Cost/Features per dollar comments:

Some glitzy bells and whistles become annoyances after novelty
wears off with the feature laden FT/TS/IC boxes...

Do you want the best receiver out there or a bells and whistles

Auto tuners have limited range and most people with auto
tuners end up using external one anyway or settle for 
mediocre antennas that the auto-tuner tolerates....

TT Best audio quality (sending or receiving)

Omni has minimum "menu-itis" but yet fully configurable
to needs/desires

Receiver is most important feature in any transceiver...(and)
often overlooked in favor of trivial bells & whistles

Bells and whistles on FT/TS/IC are often the first to break and 
costly/difficult/impossible to repair. ???


I hope this is of value. Please don't shoot me. I was only the 
messenger. :-)

Further discussion or comment via reflector please.  I need
to minimize direct e-mails.

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