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[TenTec] Wanted: RS-232 board and Ghiel chip for Paragon

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Subject: [TenTec] Wanted: RS-232 board and Ghiel chip for Paragon
From: hmmjr@erols.com (H. M. 'Puck' Motley W4PM)
Date: Tue, 30 Sep 1997 23:56:05 -0400
You need to be careful about which Giehl chip you get.  There are various 
versions that work with various versions of the Paragon PLL boards.  I 
currently have Giehl version 6.1.  I had an earlier version and then had 
PLL problems.  I sent the rig to Ten Tec and they upgraded the board.  
The old Giehl chip would not work properly with the new board.  Bob Giehl 
sent me the new (at the time) 6.0 version and it wouldn't work 
properly either.  He then sent me the 6.1 version and it was OK but never 
worked as well as the earlier one (QSK a bit thumpy). I think the timing 
is not exactly right.  I wish I had more info on the subject.  I just 
wanted to let you know that you could get a chip that doesn't work with 
your Paragon.  The timing differences will yield a very lousy CW note and 
poorly functioning QSK! I've copied the reflector on this so maybe 
someone out there has more precise info on this subject.

It's very interesting how Ten Tec incorporated most of Bob Giehl's 
features into the short lived Paragon II!  It has always rubbed me the 
wrong way that they wouldn't make a chip for the Paragon to give it the 
Paragon II features.  Just for spite, I didn't trade up and the Paragon 
II died an early death. (Just kidding - one less Paragon II sold wouldn't 
have done it!)  

Puck, W4PM

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