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[TenTec] CW reflector

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Subject: [TenTec] CW reflector
From: dmm@bronze.lcs.mit.edu (Andrew M. Moore)
Date: Tue, 2 Sep 1997 14:22:32 -0400 (EDT)
Several people on the Ten-Tec Reflector have asked me for the
subscription information for the CW Reflector, in response to a
message that I posted on the Ten-Tec Reflector recently.  Since there
seemed to be alot of interest on this group, here is the relevant

The CW Reflector is an email distribution list for messages about
Continuous Wave operation, CW, Morse Code, and related topics.  Though
Ten-Tec and CW are closely related, obviously you should resist the
temptation to cross-post messages to both lists, unless it is truly

To subscribe:
 send email to: Majordomo@qsl.net with Body: subscribe cw <email addr>

To unsubscribe:
 send email to: Majordomo@qsl.net with Body: unsubscribe cw <email addr>

To post:
 send email to: cw@qth.net

To contact list owner:
 send email to: owner-cw@qth.net

Note: the list was previously using the "qsl.net" domain name, but it
has recently changed this to "qth.net".  For a while, both domains
will work, but you should get in the habit of using "qth.net".

Andrew M. Moore, NV1B

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