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[TenTec] 6m transverters and roger's questions

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Subject: [TenTec] 6m transverters and roger's questions
From: ka8oqf@glasscity.net (Charlie Cotterman)
Date: Sat, 13 Sep 97 17:05:23 EDT
roger sellers wrote (in part):
>  I am using a multiband verticle antenna, one coax was going to my tuner
>then the Paragon. The transverter has a HF and a 6 meter input and one
>output to the radio. I figure I need to split the antenna signal for both
>bands. Where in this configuration does the tuner go?? Before the split
>or on the HF side only? Do I need a tuner for the 6 meter side??

Roger - if u use a tuner use one that is 6m capable. it should go between the 
antenna and the transverter. A tuner with multiple inputs (use one for HF and 
the other for 6m) is a good bet.
Use caution when using transverter and tuner setup - it's much better to get 
the antenna to a good match and not use the tuner. it's VERY easy to fry the 
transverter finals when using a tuner - I speak from practical experience.
you would probably be better off if you could use a monoband 6m antenna. 
Good Luck.
-=charlie ka8oqf=-

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