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[TenTec] Scout power reduction??

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Subject: [TenTec] Scout power reduction??
From: Shawn Tayler" <stayler@powernet.net (Shawn Tayler)
Date: Mon, 15 Sep 97 10:26:43 +0700
On Mon, 15 Sep 1997 08:27:20 -0500, Paul Plasters wrote:

>Is there an easy way to set up a Scout, so that you can run reduced
>power with a transverter, and then simply switch it back to high power
>for normal operation?  I like my Scout for 20, and 40 meters mobile as is,
>but want to run a six meter transverter at other times.
>Thanks, Paul WA9FFL

Hello Paul,

I use an Argo (the 5W version of the Scout) as an IF rig.  The Argo
is simply a Scout with the 50W PA removed.  I broke the TX circuit at
the input to the IPA.  Theres a coupling cap to the base of the
transistor that drives the 5W driver.  I brought that out to a RCA
connector on the rear apron.  I then put another connector on and
brought it back to the input of the IPA circuit.  The caps are
already there so no DC problems.  I just put a small jumper of RG-58
between the two connectors for normal operation and break the
connection for transverter service.  The down side is that there is
no ALC so you need to get a voltage back from your transverters.  I
get about 150mW out at this point.  

The Scout/Argo has alot of birdies on 10M.  I am currently refurbing
my old FT-101E for IF service and will be selling the Argo and
modules at that time.  I love the variable IF selectivity but the
birdies are murder when you're trying to dig out a weak signal on

de Shawn
 N7LQ (formerly WB7TDI)

DM09dn & DN01fa

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