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From: owen@piper.eeel.nist.gov (James C. Owen, III)
Date: Wed, 17 Sep 1997 14:35:35 -0500 (EST)
In message Wed, 17 Sep 1997 13:48:23 -0400,
  "Dale R. Parfitt" <par@magg.net>  writes:

> I have noticed that my P.S. for the OMNI VI+ runs quite warm with the RX
> off. I know the oven in the RX is on but my meters say the supply is
> drawing 52 watts in this condx. Any others having this much heating?
> Dale
> W4OP

Dale I don't have a Omni VI just a Corsair II but a few thoughts anyway.
Most power supplies run warm even when no load is connected. This is just
transformer loss. By warm I mean maybe 100 F, maybe a little more and they
don't get much warmer with a moderate load but will heat up a LOT with a
high load (constant of 10A or more). I downloaded the specs on the OMNI VI
and when receiving it pulls only 2A. You indicate 4A+ when turned off with only
ovens. Unless you have a major problem with an oven this can't be correct. I
think that the meter  is out of calibration at low currents. Most meters are
not very accurate in the lower 10% of their range. Connect your DVM on the
current setting in series with the Omni and see what the rig is really
pulling. Disconnect the rig from the power supply and see if the meter goes
to zero. Trouble shoot from here. 73 Jim K4CGY

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