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[TenTec] Paragon pin diodes

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Subject: [TenTec] Paragon pin diodes
From: dcalvin@VNET.IBM.COM (dcalvin@VNET.IBM.COM)
Date: 17 Sep 1997 13:55:21 CDT
The PIN diode discussion must be referring to the Ulrich Rohde mods.
I have done it on my ICOM 765 with negligible results, but then for
2nd order intermod to be a problem, I believe (from what I remember)
the offending signal must be fairly strong.  In other words, this was
a mod that multi-op contesters would be interested in, or folks like
me who have ham neighbors that give them fits!  HI!  About the time I
got my mod done, the neighbor moved.  Guess I outlasted (or outblasted?)
him.  He was running a TS-430, and, WOW, did it have phase noise on the
transmitted CW signal!  Of course, no mod in my RX would help that.

   73,  Duane   AC5AA

Duane A. Calvin
Tie: 793-3368

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