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[TenTec] Questions about Tentec Delta II.

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Subject: [TenTec] Questions about Tentec Delta II.
From: ac5aa@juno.com (Duane A. Calvin)
Date: Wed, 17 Sep 1997 21:10:00 -0500
On Wed, 17 Sep 1997 07:26:58 -0400 morinm@csgoeland.qc.ca (Morin Michel)
>Hi there
>       I am a new Tentec user and have a couple of questions about 
>the Delta II.
>Is the noise floor of the receiver as good as Jap rigs or better? When
>compared to the Omni VI, how does the Delta II rate as a receiver? How
>would you rate the Delta II in general? Thanks for any info.
>73 de VE2CJW, Michel Morin.

You got me thinking about this, and I knew I had some numbers stored
Here they are, direct from the "QST" product reviews.  Threw in my IC-765
just for the fun of it: (I'm tabbing the columns, so hope your readers
work on this)

Parameter                               IC-765  IC765
II      Omni-VI Pre-On  Pre-Off
----------------                ------- ---------       ------- --------
Noise Floor (dB)        3.5 MHz -134
        -133.5  -142    -135
                14  "   -130    -136    -142    -135

Blocking Dyn    3.5 MHz 109
NL*     123.5   148     152
  Range (dBm)   14  "   104     128     146     151.5

3rd Order               3.5 MHz  89      95      98     
  Intermod (dB) 14   "   88     100      96     

3rd Order               3.5 MHz -0.5      9       5     
  Intercept (dBm)       14   "   2       14       2     

* NL = noise limited

Note:  If you think you know what these numbers mean, do yourself a favor
and read the information in the handbook or in other places provided by
the ARRL labs.  It always amazes me how much more I pick up each time I
re-read it.  (Hmm, maybe Alsheimers is near?!)  If you're mystified by
these numbers, read the same information - these figures will tell you a
lot about a receiver's performance in strong adjacent signal conditions. 
Note also that choice of filters can make a difference on the results. 
Hope this is useful to someone.  I chose the IC-765 as a comparison point
only because I own one and am CONSTANTLY comparing it to the Omni-VI
trying to decide whether a switch is worth it...

        73,  Duane   AC5AA   (losing my "lurker" status at this rate!)

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