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Subject: [TenTec] Transmatches/Tuners/Etc. -Reply
From: aa4lr@radio.org (Bill Coleman AA4LR)
Date: Tue, 23 Sep 97 10:08:27 -0400
On 9/23/97 7:49 AM, Paul Plasters at PEPLASTERS@mail.rkd.snds.com wrote:

>If we use "twin lead / ladder line, do we still experience these losses?

Open wire or ladder line have very SMALL losses compared to coax.

Twinlead (a type of double wire line with insulation between the wires 
along its entire length) has greater losses than open wire or ladder 
line, but still less than coax.

>If the answer is no, how do we get the ladder line into the shack?

In the pre-coax days (mainly before WWII), several techniques were used. 
Basically, you can pass open wire through a wall or window so long as you 
keep the lines away from anything conductive.

Me? I use an externally mounted balun and a short run of solid dielectric 

>Do any of the popular baluns handle this problem very well?

I recommend an overrated balun. Like 2 kW for 100W use.

>I don't want to melt my new TenTec OMNI IV.


>I never really liked tuners, but since I switched to Solid State, I am
>advised to run one, probably well advised too.  I do not want all that
>excess heat blowing around in the system.

If you can evidence that much heat, something is REALLY wrong.

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