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[TenTec] BUILDING A 301

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Subject: [TenTec] BUILDING A 301
From: kg5u@hal-pc.org (Dale Martin)
Date: Thu, 25 Sep 1997 00:13:20 -0500
On Wednesday, September 24, 1997 20:12 PM, Ken Kreis, 
KA0W[SMTP:ka0w@netins.net] wrote:
>I am curious as to:
>Where did the 301 homebrew info come from? Is the info on homebrewing a 301
>clone available in a past e-mail posting?
>Thanks to all !
>Ken, KA0W
>Rudd, IA


Steve/N6TT is right.  I acquired some random parts from Ten-Tec that
they had left over from their old production run of the 301's.  I put
together the unit.  Basically, the hardware inventory is pretty light: 
Rotary encoder (T-T provided)
5 post terminal strip (T-T provided
a cable (T-T provided a 1.5' coil (mic?) cable; I subbed a 5' cable)
a 25-pin RS-232 type connector
an enclosure (T-T still had an original 301 enclosure)
rubber feet (T-T provided)
Main Tuning Knob (a la Omni, etc.)

T-T did not have any specs or drawings, so I winged it.  It was 
really (in retrospect) very easy.  The Rotary Encoder had five 
pins, four of which were marked (A, B, +, -).  It was pretty simple
to figure out what went where--actually, the most distressing part
of the whole thing was that the encoder was faulty.  T-T shipped
a replacement when I told them what I had found.  It worked FB
and still works FB.  

If you are interested, you might call T-T Service and ask (beg?) 
if any 301 parts remain -- the encoder is the most important piece;
you can use any enclosure and knob. 

Here's a note I sent out some months ago.....

As far as I know and based on what Scott Robbins, Sales Manager
for Ten-Tec, says, there are no plans within Ten-Tec to go back to 
producing the Model 301. 

The parts list is extremely simple : 

There are only 4 connections to the rotary decoder and 
the cable connector.  Otherwise, any box and knob will 
do--my recommendation is a sloped front box and a $15
Omni VI main tuning knob from Ten-Tec.
I don't know if you can buy the decoder directly from Oak Grigsby,
but you can ask.  Also, Ten-Tec may have one on the shelf that
they might sell you (they are used in the Omni VI for VFO and RIT.

It will probably cost around 40-50 dollars.

You want the Oak Grigsby encoder, model 90Q125-02-00245.

The schematic is even simpler: 

Encoder:        - = (ground)
                empty = nothing
                A = (phase 1)
                + = (+5v)
                B = (phase 2)

(-, A, +, B = pin identifiers on the encoder)

DB25(to radio): 1 and 14 = (ground)
                6 = (Phase 1)
                8 = (Phase 2)
                16 = (+5v)

I made a y-cable with three DB25's: a DB 25 plugs into the radio, the other two 
are well marked for (1) the remote vfo control and (2) the computer.  That way, 
I can use only the computer or only the remote vfo control or both. 

I built mine from Ten-Tec purchased parts.  I'm not sure how
many of the original parts from the 301 they still have.  Basically,
all you need is the clamshell case, a weight for the base, the 
encoder and the knob.  You make up your own cable (any 
reasonable length you need) and connector. 


So, Ken, if I were you I would go ahead and contact T-T service and 
see what, if anything, they have left from the 301 stock.  

Oak-Grigsby, a rotary encoder manufacturer, and the manufacturer
of the one T-T sent me, is at 84 North Dugan Road, PO Box 890,
Sugar Grove, IL 60554-0890, phone: 630-556-4200.  I had called
them for a spec sheet on the encoder.  I spoke with Mark Lambert
there.  You might check with them to see where their outlets are
if Ten-Tec does not have any encoders. 


Dale Martin, KG5U

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