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[TenTec] My new Centaur amplifier

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Subject: [TenTec] My new Centaur amplifier
From: dcalvin@vnet.IBM.COM (dcalvin@vnet.IBM.COM)
Date: 26 Sep 1997 08:35:05 CDT
>1.  Use a 1" or so hole punch and remove material from in front
>    of the fan intake.

I should have been more clear on this point.  The idea is that straight
edges of surfaces in front of the fan blades generate sonic noise when
the fan leading edge passes by.  To reduce the noise, in theory, reduce
the edges.  Punching round holes will reduce the problem, in theory.
The whole hog approach says punch a 4" hole in front of the fan.  That
is what I'm going to do with mine (some day!).  My plan is to punch the
hole (actually, a half hole in each clamshell piece), prime the exposed
edge to resist rust, and then superglue some plastic edge cover over
the exposed cut.  Covering the remaining hole could be done with one
of the fan finger guards, attached to the cabinet, or, there are filter
holders which would keep stray mosquitos from getting sucked into the
vortex of the fan.  That part of the design is still up for grabs.  Maybe
this will give someone an idea.  If I get mine done, I'll report on it
here so others will know whether it's worth doing or not.

  73,  Duane   AC5AA

Duane A. Calvin
dcalvin@austin.ibm.com -or- dcalvin@ausvmr.vnet.ibm.com

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