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Subject: [TenTec] Re: The 555 Scout
From: dmm@bronze.lcs.mit.edu (Andrew M. Moore)
Date: Mon, 29 Sep 1997 10:00:09 -0400 (EDT)
> ii) What have been the cures for the drift on high speed CW?

Unfortunately, there is no cure yet.  Until then, pausing once in a
while between words or sentences throughout your transmission, as the
manual states, should give the processor enough time to make the
necessary frequency corrections when you operate high speed CW.  The
"heat build-up" rumor doesn't really contribute much to the drifting
problem.  I'd love to see a fix someday, especially an official one
from Ten Tec.

> iv)Which microphones seem to suit the rig best, apart from the
> standard hand held which comes with it?

I wasn't aware that a microphone came with it, but I will say that the
model 700C handheld microphone is very well matched to the Scout.  I
haven't used SSB in a long time, but I used to use a 700C with my
Scout.  I've had fantastic audio reports with that combination, even
when mobile, and people just don't believe I'm using only 50 watts.
I've heard other people saying they have had similar results.  There's
something magical about the 555/700C combination that just works
great.  My only dislike is the squeaky sound that comes from the
plastic PTT button rubbing against the plastic mike case.  I hope that
doesn't get transmitted along with the audio.

I can't comment on your other questions (amplifier, SSB, etc.), but I
will say that the Scout is still one of my all-time favorite radios --
not because it beats out other radios in any one area, but rather
because it has just the right ones (and nothing more) for my operating
habits all in a nice package.

Andrew M. Moore, NV1B

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