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[TenTec] Omni VI mics/VOX, etc.

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Subject: [TenTec] Omni VI mics/VOX, etc.
From: k8mn@clinet.fi (Dave Heil)
Date: Mon, 29 Sep 1997 19:07:42 +0100
I've used the HC-5 element with both the Heil BM-10 and now the Pro Set.
I find it to be less restricted sounding and shrill than the HC-4.  I
constantly receive good comments on my audio even when running the Omni
VI's built-in processor.

The HC-5 works pretty well with VOX but, for me, the real answer is the
use of a foot switch plugged in to the rig's PTT.  The Heil footswitch
is OK but I prefer a heavy duty footswitch made by Linemaster.  Most
industrial electronic distributors carry them.


Dave Heil OH2/K8MN
downtown Helsinki

> Hi Dave!
> I tried a handful of mics, and settled with the Heil HC-5 element.  People
> who know me say that I sound natural with this mic.  With the HC-5 and the
> HC-4 elements, I need to run the mic gain almost wide open.
> Unfortunately, I have the same problem with VOX on my Omni VI.  I think the
> best way to cure this problem might be to increase the gain of the VOX
> trigger and/or increase the gain of the mic amp.  This would eliminate a
> separate preamp.  If anyone on the list has had the time to do this or has a
> better suggestion, please post it.
> Thanks for the Q's in the contest Dave.  Hope you did well.
> Rick Andren - N9THC
> andrenr@ul.com
> n9thc@foxvalley.net

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